But messy but I celebrated loving myself and a bit of pampering today by paining my nails. Only problem is my Sally Hanson top coat has gone the consistency of dried glue as last time I used it I didn’t managed to screw the lid on properly. I had to improvise and cover the weird dry glue texture. So I’m rocking lilac undercoat with a clear silver glitter/holographic top coat which I know is from the Maybelline colour show range… although I don’t know which one! LOL It’s an experiment but I really like how the lilac peeks the rough from under the silver and helps to tone down the sparkle a little. #Blind #LowVision #BlindPeopleOfInstagram #Nails #PaintedNails #RealNails #Lilac #LilacNails #NailPolish @maybelline @sally_hansen #SelfLove #SelfCare #SelfSoothe #BPD #CPTSD #Treat

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Rocked my snapped and glued @aftershokzuk Treks Titanium today. THEY STILL WORK! 🥳 I’m pleased my ear covers most of the duck tape. Not gunna lie they don’t sound as good as they did before they snapped literally in my hand but there you go. Gunna have to buy some new ones at some point until then I at least match my duck tape to my glasses and my bone conducting headphones. It’s all about accessorising! #BoneConduction #BlindPeopleOfInstagram #Blind #ear #Aftershokz #SadTimes #WorkIt #BoneConductingHeadphones #ShortHair #NeedHeadphonesToCope #BPD #BPDcopingStratergy #Anxiety #CPTSD #LowVision #PinkGlasses #Pink #DuckTapeFixesEverything For everyone wondering I got my awesome pink camo glasses from @tombsallenopticians in Gosport who are awesome.

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So I don’t use my ring splints often unless I’m doing a specific activity like cooking or drawing. I put them on do the activity with protected finger joints then take them off again. It’s because they are really hard to get the fit right particularly for the DIP (ends of finger) joints. Put simply they just don’t stay on! I’ve had them adjusted countless times nothing has helped. So I can’t really risk using them outside in the real world because one will blatantly fall off and I’ll lose it! However today I have #ThoughtOutsideTheBox lol! I #dislocated my little finger yesterday (DIP) and then did quite a lot of typing so it’s really weak and sore. I’m going to a conference today and It needs splinting but it is really hard to immobilise the DIP successfully without buddy strapping or splinting the whole finger. So I thought outside the box I applied ring splint and have them taped it using @rocktape with NO TENSION to hold it to my pinky. It looks clunky but it’s preventing over extension of my DIP joint and stopping pretty much all lateral movement. Flexion is also a little limited at DIP but PIP and MCP have normal full range of movement. So far it’s staying put! I think the biggest challenge is going to be getting all the glue off my ring splint. I should be an OT! LOL #EDS #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Hypermobile #PinkyFinger #RingSplint #DislocatedDIP #RockTape @rocktape #splint #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #LooksOddButItWorks

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Call it a day, or make one last push?

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The Art House

So after twelve years of joy, stress, inspiration and a large helping of “WTF?”, The Art House finds itself at a crossroads. For 10 years, 85% café income and our planned-for 15% income from donations worked. Last year, things looked different. Despite the generosity of many of you, last year’s fundraising fell £10k short of target. Alongside this, the upsurge in cafes in our area and the increased availability of vegan food meant our café did not do as well as it needed to.

(Not?) The Last Art House Fundraiser

This brings us to our current hard choice. Do we call it a day or do we make *one last big push* for donations along with a restructuring of the business, with less emphasis on being a place to have lunch and more focus on what we’re all about – the art, the creative writing, theatre and community, campaign groups and…

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Waiting to see my neuro surgeon for a check up… it’s gunna take me ages to get home after in the rush after so I’m thinking dinner might be a #subway from the hospital as a treat! I was going to comment that they need a sign but just realised I’m stood next to it!LOL #herniateddisc #herniateddiscrecovery #ehlersdanlossyndrome #hEDS #EDS #hospital #chronicpain #zebraStrong #IAmZebra #Blind #blindpeopleofinstagram

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