Infuriating visit to the GP

Apologies in advance as this is most definitely a terribly written rant about my negative experience at my doctors surgery today, wich was truely infurating!

Today I had to see a GP to get some more anti-depressants, I was supposed to be seeing my own GP on Thursday but I’m going on holiday tomorrow, so I had to move the appointment. I then couldn’t get another appointment with my GP so had to see a locum.

I arrived at the surgery with my mum who had to see the nurse briefly, my mother is nearly totally blind, and the receptionist was really really unhelpful!

In our surgery there is a LED board type thing that displays the patient name and where to go, it is a visual symbol but there is no audio announcement apart from a small beep, really helpful if you cant read the screen!

The receptionist said she would tell my mum when it was her turn to go in and then didn’t. Another patent told my mum it was her turn so my mum went to the desk with her guide dog Ian to ask for assistance, to find out where to go the receptionist ignored my mums existence, despite my mum asking her specifically if she could help! Again another patent had to step in and guide my mum to the room! that should not happen!

Then when it was my turn to see the doctor I too had the same problem with the screen again another patient told me it was my turn, however this time I went to the desk and did get some help. On leaving the surgery I was informed that they didn’t realise I was visually impaired, long cane, thick glasses and wobbling eyes not a big enough clue? Apparently it has now been put next to my name that I need assistance, great.

The problem with the screen system was pointed out last year when the surgery opened, my mum even phoned the RNIB to get them to speak to the practice manager who was less than helpful, and said that there was not a problem. clearly there is.

When I finally got to see the Doctor it was a very irritating appointment, I explained the situation that I needed more anti-depressants because I was going to run out before I got to see my GP. I then had to listen to the GP going on about how I’m very young to be on anti-depressants (I’m 18 therefore in the eyes of the medical profession an adult) and that she wanted me to be taken off them as soon as possible. I was very much against this, they have helped but not solved the problem, I’m on a waiting list for CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and counselling, taking me off them before getting me the right treatment could be bad.

In the end she gave me a months supply, completely refused to give me a repeat prescription and told me to see my regular GP when I got back.

The only problem with that is, as of Friday my GP is on holiday for three and a half weeks, so I will probably end up having to see another locum, whilst waiting to see my GP.


It’s all so irritating!


4 thoughts on “Infuriating visit to the GP

  1. Sorry to hear about that. I’ve been very lucky and haven’t had much trouble with people like that. I’ve never heard of doctor’s surgeries using an LED board to say which patients are next. At the doctor’s surgery here the receptionist calls the patient’s name and tells them which room to go to.
    I was 19 when I started on anti-depressants. I didn’t think they’d work, but they have. My doctor asked me recently if I wanted to go off them, but I said no. He didn’t have a problem with that.


  2. Thanks for that Jo, unfortunatly the use of LED bords in docters is becoming more and more common in replacement of audio, in an attempt to make things more acessable to deaf and hard of hearing people, wich i think is a good thing, its just a shame they have to make things harder for us blindies!
    My own GP was the person that suggested i start anti-depressants so i no he will be understanding and not suggest i come off them, ive only been on the current anti-depressants 4 weeks, so stopping them now seems compleatly illogical.


  3. yer the only thing stopping me doing that is that, if i do that the annoying receptionist and the LED board have beatern me… i have to make a stand… if i have any more problems im getting stright to the DRC and sueing them !


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