I’m back

Well I’m back from camp, I went away with the 6Th Alverstoke guides, I’m one of there pre-warranted leaders.

Despite some serious toilet trauma, and no doubt some of the guides, and leaders will be scarred for life by the immense horror of the happenings, we had fun!

Owen was the camp star, he is the son of one of the leaders, and the grandson, and niece to most of the others! He is only 14 months old but already walking, saying a few words, loving water, and generally causing lots of really cute mayhem! He even had his own bike and chair at the table, he joined in with all the activities which included, swimming, pouring drinks, helping out the water patrol on several occasions and banging in wellie poles. Owen is one day going to be a fantastic scout leader! And id just like to quickly say a little get well soon Owen because he picked up a little bit of a cold awww!

It was a really fun camp full of laughter which is the best kind of camp to have, everyone had fun and the guides enjoyed themselves so did the leaders.


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