the joys of food

well i have just discovered something that i quite possibly just forgot about. in my child years i was addicted to the stuff and now it has been rediscovered for my own tastiness.

yes people I’m talking about Nutella sorry to be slightly boring and blog about a chocolate spread but its seriously good. its full of hazelnuty goodness and chocolate addiction and contains a vast amount of milk.

yes today I’m loving nutella, i have already had Nutella on toast and I’m seriously considering hot banana and Nutella…..

you can even check out there website and look at the history of Nutella here


2 thoughts on “the joys of food

  1. Nutella on digestive biscuits was one of my many and varied inventive food combos to get eating again after being v ill. Really delicious. As was shortbread dipped in strawberry fromage frais. Tend to avoid both these days as I no longer need the calories. Celery is, um, nice 🙂


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