Disablism on the application

So picture the scene your disabled you want a job, you see/hear of one being advertised you apply what happens (in my case 9 out of 10 times) bugger all.

Now excuse me for being confused but wasn’t the DDA (disability discrimination act) and all its little additions supposed to give us more rights to employment so it is illegal to discriminate against people purely based on there disability?

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are success story’s but from my own personal experence employers have a simple way of getting around the DDA legislation, a crafty way which makes it difficult to prove disablism.

In my experience they simply do not reply to your application or give you any acknowledgement, its hard to prove that they have not responded to your application because of your disability yet it nearly always happens, in my case.

There are of course plenty of other ways employers get around the DDA, I don’t actually think further legislation is the way forward for getting disabled people in to work, nether do I think that government moves to remove or reduce benefits to disabled people is the way to go either.

I think the government need to focus on education, I may have rabbited on about this before but its to late for the elder generation. Children should learn about disability the same way they learn about smoking; OK perhaps not quite the same but the topics should be of equal importance.

How about this a new subject on the national curriculum: Disability Studies, learning all about the culture and great things disabled people contribute to our everyday lives.

4 thoughts on “Disablism on the application

  1. i completely agree, its so frustrating when employers dont bother responding or judge you against your sight, and yeah i thought the DDA was suppose to actualy make a change


  2. I get what you are saying with employment because I am going through that right now. I have sent in resumes and got interviews but as soon as they see me it like the position has been filled. Now it seems like when I say I have a service dog(I will be getting my second one in July) they now have to look into the regulations and policies and see if they can hire someone with a service dog. I am learning to hate the government and society because of their views. i am sorry I went to college, have a degree, and WANT to work. UGH!!! Sorry about venting but you talked about a sore spot on me.


  3. Yes! Disability studies, or awareness incorporated into citizenship classes. My son and I talk about this, and it’s something I want to see happen in my lifetime. As for the DDA, I think that is yet to really kick in.


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