Paris- Day 2

Day 2 was CRAZY we did so much in a seriously short space of time!

First off we got up thanks to my mobile phone at 7:15 am, and headed down for breakfast.
Breakfast was interesting, it consisted of croissants French sticks, boiled eggs ham and unidentified cheese that I was too scared to try. I had ham and croissants, the ham was gross, but the croissants where good so all was well.
About 9 ish we headed off to Notre Damme on the coach, the weather was not good but even still the cathedral looked beautiful, but dark VERY dark. I took loads of pictures of the place and the stained glass windows that are beautiful, and its all completely symmetrical, there is so much to say about it, we went on a tour and where told about all the carvings and paintings and the main features of the building it was really really great!
Then we went on a boat trip…. I don’t really remember much of it because I fell asleep and couldn’t actually work out which way to look and when I did couldn’t see it anyway! Nothing personal Paris I just don’t like boat trips!
Then we went to a museum of cinema… which was good but dark and a bit boring, and I didn’t like that they had a Video playing showing various animals being dropped from a great height to see how they landed and IF they got back up!
We then went outside and checked out the very random GIANT Mexican man outside the museum.
We then went to the nearest metro station and went shopping, we where let lose and went in search of much needed food. We found the most gross looking kebab shop the world has ever seen and are very lucky not to have food poisoning.
Then we headed back on the metro to go to The Eiffel tower. We arrived slightly late because of the train and headed over to security.
For the first time EVER I managed to get through the security metal detector thing without setting it off, I’m so proud of myself.
We then went up The Eiffel tower, I am scared of heights but have been up the Berlin TV tower and the London eye and been fine with it so I thought I would be OK.
However when we got on the first level high up I decided I was not fine with it! I stood holding on to the metal thing and did not go anywhere near the edge!
I was terrified but still wanted to go to the top so I could say I had done it, so I headed up in the lift with everyone else, all the way to the top, I quickly decided to wait inside slightly lower down and hang on to a handrail and wait for everyone to come down. we then meandered for a bit and went down the first lift.
We then went and joined the cue for the second lift that takes you from there  all the way to ground level.
It broke.
I had to walk down The (EFFING) Eiffel tower, in the dark, with my lack of balance, non existent night vision and vertigo. All rounded off by a strong wind. 
I was terrified and inside my head completely unsure whether I would actually make it down, my bone condition makes going down stairs physically very difficult and often painful so I tend to avoid where possible. There where also thoughts of falling down ALL the stairs to my painful twisted death.
I was shaking all over which did not help my balance every now and then we hit a dark patch where there was absolutely no light meaning I could not see the steps at all, we would then turn a corner and the lights would all be shining in my face, it was incredibly difficult.
At this point I need to commend Tom C for being a complete hero/star/generally fab and staying with me, being incredibly patient and keeping me calm. I seriously could not have done it on my own, and Tom was really calm!
Tom You are Great!
At the half way ish stage we bumped into Paul who found me a seat to sit on, I think by this point I was rather white and I know from my perspective that I was shaking all over very violently and that the world was spinning.
The second half of the journey down was bad, there where occasional spiral stairs and the lighting situation got even worse, my world continued to spin and I ended up clinging on to both the handrail and Paul.
Then what seemed like hours later I made it down, and sat down on a concrete cube for a few moments to recover…. and got several hugs. 
The rest of the group headed up to the restaurant I think I may have been a little short with someone who asked me if I was OK, I wasn’t and thought it was a stupid question, I’m sorry to this person! I also remember that someone called my Jemma Brown MBE but I can’t remember who or why? Its all a bit a blur and if anyone can fill me in feel free!
Then Tom me and a few of the Lecturers who I think where a bit worried I was going to pass out headed to the restaurant. 
I was still shaking and my left leg was strangely numb, or shaking, or painful I am not really sure which and I very nearly fell over as a result.
Again in leaps Super Tom who let me hang on to dear life to his shoulder while I staggered to the restaurant.
I was still feeling rather nauseous and spinning by the time I got there sat down and ordered spag bol.
We then headed back to the hotel on the metro, again Super Tom’s shoulder came in very handy as I could not really walk very well, oh and going on the metro meant going up and down more stairs, which gave me more vertigo.
I was a wobbly wreck by the time I got back to the hotel so simply headed off to bed.

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