Eye Casualty

After a night of worrying and not hearing anything I got a phone call from my mum who was equally worried, she (with my permission) rang The Eye Unit to find out what was going on.

She was told basically that I needed to get to Eye Casualty as soon as possible.
So I got a few bits together got ready and headed out.
I got as far as the PELICAN crossing outside my halls and had to turn back, someone had smashed a tonne of glass all over the pavement and the crossing, I can’t see glass so only knew when I was already stood on it.
Gus cut his paw, he refused to move so I did what I am trained to do in situations such as this, I picked him up, I got a few paces and he decided he was not having any of it so bit me, I dropped him, it was a true comedy moment, he did then decide to move however! I dashed back to halls and the residence manager bandaged up my dog and cleaned the wound, it was very small.
Then there was the frantic OMG I don’t know what to do panicked phone call to my mum, who told me to go straight to Eye Casualty because they where very concerned and sort Gus out later on.
So I got a TAXI to Eye Casualty saw the receptionist, who again could not find my notes.
I sat for an hour or 2, had a distance vision test and waited a bit more.
My notes where somehow found and I saw a doctor.
The doctor apologised for me being told to go in to Casualty, and told me that the doctor I saw yesterday had written a letter to a consultant to get him to look at my notes, the consultant would then decide when I needed to be seen and what tests I need and I will get a letter in the post.
In the meantime my macular has been bleeding, and they have no idea why. There is nothing they can do at eye casualty because they only deal with problems at the front of the eye there. 
However if it gets any worse before I get a letter I need to ring them up straight away and head down, they can’t do anything about it in eye casualty but they need to know.
So I have to wait for a letter to get loads of tests done, who knows what it is so its still just a worry at this stage.
So I left eye casualty having completely wasted my time and TAXI fare and a whole day I could have spent working on the 3 assignments I have due in eminently and headed for coffee.
Got coffee and rang vet, got  an appointment.
Got the bus into town then got more cash out (TAXI’s are VERY expensive) and another coffee and headed to the vets.
Saw the vet who commended the managers first aid skills, he had a good look and discovered that there was in fact some glass in Gus’ foot. 
Gus was an angel and laid there rolling letting the vet have a poke around and try and get it out, he kicked the vet a few times, who was incredibly patient with Gus. 
The Glass would not come out so the vet and I decided it would be kinder to sedate Gus to get it out.
2 and a half hours later Gus was still very not with it and now had a lovely Green bandage and we where heading for another TAXI home.
At the time of writing he is a lot more with it, but is not a happy bunny, he is currently sitting on his bed giving me evils asking me to make the bandage on his foot go away.
It took him forever to come round from the sedation, I got back to halls and dropped a piece of pepperoni on his face and he did not even notice.

3 thoughts on “Eye Casualty

  1. Wow you’ve had a tough week! Hope you and Gus are ok soon. Your great writing style sometimes makes me laugh in the middle of your posts though. Nice work!
    Jenny x


  2. I like to think I have a relaxed and often humorous writing style, after all there may be lots of shit but you got to laugh your way through it.


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