So what is all this about then?

Ok well here it goes my first ever WordPress blog post. I would normally start a blog by explaining a little bit about myself but it seems pointless to do that here thanks to the ability to have a seperate page, so I shant be telling you much about me here, go and look at the about me page.

Instead I shall write about Word Press and wow I am having some serious accessibility issues. The contrast on Word Press suck so its very difficult to read,  I used Safari to make the text bigger to try and compensate and Word Press can’t handle it the style sheet in edit mode is overlapping and going crazy.

I’m surprised considering the popularity of Word Press that there is no access mode, or options for high contrast large print themes,

Anyway as I said I’m not going to talk about me in this post, just try and explain the point of this blog.

I have been blogging for many years over at my blog DOAM using the Blogger platform. This is good but I felt it was time to try something more adventureious so I decided to give Word Press a go.

Finally I would just like to ask you to be patient, there are a lot of things I want to do to this site, its going to take some time to get it all how I want it.


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