Happy BADD – Lets all be positive about disability

As you should know by now if you read this on a regular basis today it is Blogging Against Disableism Day, clicking on the BADD banner on the right will take you straight through to the hub and I would recommend it.

If I am completely honest I didn’t know what to write about for todays BADD. I was going to write something positive about the things I am proud of as a disabled person, not in a everyone smile and cheer at the poor little disabled person getting on with there every day lives but looking at the positive things we as disabled people bring to our communities and on a wider level society.

To oftern the media focus on the negatives of disability or use a patronising tone, unfortunatly this negativity oftern extends to the genral public or even worse service providers. Today at work I was asked to put our this statement on to our jobs database, written by the charity themselves

” Transport is a particular problem for people who are blind and partially sighted. Fear and uncertainty of how to get to their destination, often preventing people from going out altogether, which then can lead to isolation and depression.”

So this add would leave every person that reads it to believe that every blind and partially sighted person in the country feels isolated, scared to leave there own home and depressed. Not just that but its not exactly well written anyway is it? I’m not one to talk about grammar but its just not right in lots of ways. I know that there are pleanty of VI people up an down the contry who live happy contented and actives lives

So why am I not writing about the positives then? (and this is where it gets ironic) Today I have had a very bad day with all my impairments, my shoulder was very painful this morning which made me late, my eye has been playing up all day and you know what I am just having a bad day with my depression, I tried to book an appointment to see my GP today and was told that there where no appointments on the system yet so I would have to ring back and can’t be seen till June.

So basically whatever I wrote today would be utter shit, I have been trying to write something good for BADD all day, but today I just can’t.

7 thoughts on “Happy BADD – Lets all be positive about disability

  1. Jemma, it’s good to hear your thoughts whatever you feel you set out to write. Sometimes writing doesn’t happen that way (I find anyway) and we end up expressing something different. Still good stuff though. It staggers me what people who are supposed to have it sussed can come up with. Happy BADD


  2. JB,
    Good post and site is pretty accesible with Supernova.

    The walk of life with disability is a twisty turny thing, my approach has always been to steadfastly refuse to accept that I cant do some stuff, and then occasionally play the “poor me” card.

    I read your post on Airports and my approach has always been to lay it on thick at airports, “come closer let me feel your kindly face” or “poorly helpless blind man coming through” Absolutely shameless has seen me manage to bypass the queues at security, get through US immigration in less than 10 mins and get the odd upgrade. It has only backfired the once when I ended up in the “special assistance” room at Gatwick, the most depressing dungeon in the whole of Christendom. I also had a spectacular fight in Chicago when they turned up with a wheelchair. “ooh, most excellent” I declared and nestled my flight bag in the seat, “no sir, its for you” I then performed a rather dashing performance of River dance and explained to my collonial bretheren that, in point of fact, Blind people are able to walk. He was most insistent that I should take the wheelchair and only when the good folk of British Airways intervened did the wheel chair exit stage left, and my savage brow was soothed with an upgrade to First class, so all is good in the end.

    Back to the topic, I agree with your thoughts sometimes disabled folk astound, confound and amaze with the stuff that we achieve, but sometimes just like so called normal folk, life is a pile of poo and we reserve the right to sit on the floor, tantrum like a toddler and declare “life is bog!”

    Keep posting and telling it like it is,
    nuff respek,


  3. Thanks for comment Tiny I’m glad we are all accessible here, I had a right mare trying to edit the css code, I may be a geek but I am but I’m by no means a coder lol.


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