Apple iPhone now accessible to those with VI!!!

Apple – Accessibility – iPhone – Vision.

THE  iPhone is now ACCESSIBLE!

I’m utterly stunned and shocked and compleatly over the moon,  Apple have kitted the new iPhone 3GS with a text to speech engine based on the VoiceOver system standard on its Lepord operating system and the latest iPod Nanos.

The system allows users to make full use of the touch screen and gestures without the need to rely on tacktile or visual feedback. (To find out how take a look at the above link.)

It’s utterly amazing and I have in the last 5 minutes gone from an iPhone hater to a lover, now I NEED one.

My mobile phone contract ends very soon and I wanted to get a blackberry but the Text to speech engine for the Blackberry operating system has not been released in the UK yet, which meant I would be restricted to using TALKS as part of a Vodafone UK contract because I cannot afford to purchase the software.

Now its simple I can go with O2, get all the functionality of a Blackberry if not more without the need for additional software or a compromise in the phones capabilities.


3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone now accessible to those with VI!!!

    • Lol thanks Julie It used to be yellow!

      It’s not finished yet I can’t figure out how to change the font size on the comments and I can’t even see the links in the white boxes! (I know what is says anyway so its not a problem for me)

      I need someone who actually speaks CSS code to help me!

      I really need to update the HVICC page too!


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