I should give up on umbrellas!

Oh the joys of summer weather, here in Southampton the day started off bight and sunny, I forgot my sunglasses so was completely stuffed. (Thank god for Gus!)

Then like most summer days in England I was on route from university heading into town and the wind suddenly picked up; thirty-seconds later it’s absolutely pouring with rain, is freezing cold and I am wearing a white T-shirt.

I quickly dashed into the nearest shop and purchased an umbrella, for what I think is a whopping £10! (Since when have umbrellas become so expensive, could this be the credit crunch at work?)

I then obviously left the shop and stood outside in the cover for about ten minutes trying to establish how to open the umbrella. There was much finger pinching, tugging and then a very sudden flick in the face as the umbrella opened, thank god I have to wear glasses or I would have seriously lost an eye or two.

Right now the umbrella opening had been worked out now I only had to figure out how to work a guide dog and use the umbrella at the same time, something I have never dared try before.

It started, badly seconds after setting off I thumped somebody, presumably in the face considering my height and the angle of the umbrella  I apologised profusely for this.

Then there was the matter of umbrella wind control and guide dog steering control to contend with.

I eventually made it home and then spent 10 minute stood in the doorway trying to work out how to close said umbrella and again there was much finger pinching and this time there was blood! After much swearing one eventually managed to collapse the umbrella from hell.

Will she ever use the umbrella from hell that cost ten of her English pounds again? Probably not!


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