Just Giving!

Good evening to you all dear readers, I am forever thankful that you actually look at this stuff and at least some of you apparently like it and come to visit time and time again!

I am however about to beg… In September I am going to be rescued from drowning by a Newfoundland dog.

I’m hoping I won’t actually be drowning but saying that I have not been swimming in  a long time, anyway I digress, I am after sponsorship for this event to raise money for The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association (UK).

As you should by now be aware I benefit from having a Guide Dog (Gus) so this is a charity very close to my heart. Having Gus has boosted my confidence and made me so much more independent, we go everywhere together and are very rarely apart. There are also the benefits that Gus is my companion, I am never alone because he is always their, at hospital appointments, at uni, at Guide Meetings, at cricket… The list would be endless.

Please help me to raise money to insure that Guide Dogs can continue there vital work for years to come.

Click on the button on the right to sponsor me or visit http://tiny.cc/kXB8M


2 thoughts on “Just Giving!

  1. Hey Jemma!
    I’m liking the blog posts recently, especially the umbrella one. The blink chat forum seems to be livening up a bit again too.
    Tell me more about this newfounland rescue?? They are amazing dogs. I haven’t seen one in years.


    • Well basically I am in water, wearing a wet suit, there’s a rescue boat with a dog on it and the dogs are trained to rescue people so it’s given the command to rescue me and I get towed to safety by the big furry Newfoundland dog!

      It’s all happening on the 12th of September by which point I’m sure the water will be very cold!

      It’s being organised by GDBA, I have to get a minimum of £100 sponsorship but I set my Just Giving total higher than that!


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