BBC – Ouch! – Best days of your life?

BBC – Ouch! (disability) – Opinion – Best days of your life?.

School – for me it was not the happiest days of my life, in primary school I was isolated and ignored by my class mates, I had no friends was often bulled and did not have enough support for me to be able to access everything that went on in class.

Secondary school saw me make friends who accepted me for who I was, I had about 10 or so friends. The rest of the school saw me as an easy target and I was bullied, abused  and assaulted. As if that wasn’t all bad enough I had the teachers to deal with and the stigma of having an adult sat next to me in every class.

Then there where all the little problems that come up in class, having someone read to you in a room that is silent, having to sit right in front of the video to try and see it, missing out on posters, news and important events thanks to not being able to see them.

College was supposed to get better and at first support wise everything was a lot better I had more choice as to when I did and didn’t want support, but there where serious issues with members of staff. One such member of staff did not treat me well as a result of my disability, it was constant verbal abuse, that has damaged me forever.

College also saw my isolation return, for the first 2 years at college most days I had one of my best friends to keep me company at break and lunch times. By my third year I spent all breaks and lunchtimes either sat in the library, wandering around the campus in circuits or I just left and went for a walk.

It’s actually painful writing this post, there are many events during my education what I simply cannot write about, I have kept this post to the bare minimum but at the same time I feel I  have to convey what as a disabled kid I went through and now I feel thoroughly depressed!

4 thoughts on “BBC – Ouch! – Best days of your life?

  1. I think the person who came up with the “School days are the best days of your life” statement needs to be hung.

    While it appears you had worse experiences than I did at school, I know how you feel. I went to what was once voted the “Worst School in Dorset” for my secondary school, and it was a miracle to actually learn enough to go to Poole Grammar after that.

    Best thing to do with memories like these is to put them far behind you, where they belong.


    • Indeed the memories are far behind me but unfortunately I have been damaged psychologically by all the sh!t that has happened in my past.

      Anyhow yes the person that said schooldays are the best of out lives was a lire and was completely wrong!


  2. “I think the person who came up with the “School days are the best days of your life” statement needs to be hung.”
    I sooooo agree with that. I was lucky in primary school in that I was never bullied and fully accepted for who I was. Irnocially the crappyness started for me in special education.
    I attended a secondary school for the visually impaired, where nobody took my hearing impairment into account, or all my other issues which turned out to be due to an ASD. As a result I often felt like a total failure and still have issues accepting my difficulties.
    So school days were definitely not the best days of my life.


    • I wouldn’t say they were the best days, but I know I’m very lucky. I went to mainstream school, enjoyed it a lot and never got bullied once. Its only since I left school that i’m discovering how ignorant people can be.


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