Ovi Store: Nokia Magnifier

Ovi Store: Nokia Magnifier.

I am in awe of this app from Nokia Beta Labs, as the creators name suggests this is a betia version of what I can only discribe as a video magnifier within the Nokia.

Example: Your out shopping and you want to check your reciept to make sure you have not been overcharged, but you cant read the reciept. you whip out your Nokia phone and open the Magnifyer app point your phones camera at whatever you are trying to look at press the ok button and the app automatically zooms in and focuses on the text, simply move your camera from side to side as you read and hey presto!

The app is absolutly fantastic, its the type of simple use of technoligy that can have a huge imapct on those of us with VI, furthermore the features dont stop there, its possible to take a photo of whatever you are viewing in the magnification meaning you can send the images. there is also a built in option of high contrast mode and negative as well as image stabilasion (which I just found irritating).

The application can be downloaded following the simple steps on the link above and below this are screen shots I have taken about 5 minutes ago, its that simple!

(click through thumbnails to see larger image)


2 thoughts on “Ovi Store: Nokia Magnifier

  1. Hi Jemma!
    Just want to thank U for this tip. Aftyer reaing this I got the magnyfier installled on my Nokia phone, and for a person with poor vision this is really a good app. Unfortunately it is no longer availiable from Ovi Store.



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