Braille: A necessity for a modern day VI journalist?

Since my right eye deteriorated so suddenly I have been solely reliant on my left eye for every single day to day task, from reading large print resources to putting on make up one eye must to the job of two.

As a result I am getting more eye strain than ever before which tends to make life a little tricky, hopefully over time my eyes and brain will adjust to the way things are now but there is know way of knowing when or if that will completely happen.

As a result my university lecturers  have strongly advised me to learn braille and they are not just saying this out of the blue, they have been doing there research and have spoken to several blind journalists who have all have stated the importance of braille for VI journalists and have declared that it is a crutial must have skill.

The issue of course is that I have absolutely no experience of learning braille and will have to learn it from scratch, something that I know will be very difficult  considering how late I will be starting to learn.

In addition I can’t afford the price of even a basic Brailler something that is quite essential in order to learn how to write braille, I have been trawling the web already trying to find a cheap model or a second hand one but have so far come back with nothing. if anyone thinks they may be able to help with this please get in touch!

I also have to find a Braille tutor to teach me, I have absolutely no idea on where to start looking or who is going to pay for the lessons as cost is going to be a serious issue even if I do get a part-time job.

I really do see the possible benefits one thing I have learnt through the whole process of my right eye deteriorating is that nothing is guaranteed and all though it is a cliché nothing should be taken for granted. With this in mind I defiantly need to start learning Braille so I guess I will keep you posted.


One thought on “Braille: A necessity for a modern day VI journalist?

  1. It’s true that some of the more technologically advanced equipment for reading and writing Braille quickly can be very expensive, but the basic tools for learning it are pretty affordable. I taught myself the alphabet, punctuation and a few other things when I was in University with the help of some inexpensive flash cards I bought online. I also bought a cheap slate and stylus to teach myself to write it. And currently I am teaching myself contracted Braille with the aid of more cards and a reference dictionary – it has the words spelled out in one column and then the contraction of each one in another. I think it is more difficult to learn at our age, but it is not impossible. You might be surprised how quickly and easily you start to remember it.
    You might also want to check into taking Braille classes through the Hadley School for the Blind – they are located in the U.S. but they offer many courses online for free and they do accept international students. Another visually impaired blogging friend recommended it to me recently when I posted about my struggles in mastering Braille. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!


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