The slug chronicles

Now think about this have you ever stepped on a slug? The answer is probably yes, but then have you stepped on a slug whilst wearing nothing but socks and whilst carrying 30Kg of guide dog? I thought not!

This was the scene last Monday night, Ian my mums 9 year old guide dog had just had a big operation on his mouth, he had been allowed home but was very, very sleepy. He had not been to the toilet (of any variety) for about 10 hours -based on this we were sure he needed to go.

His legs however would not carry him, he was like a very, very drunk old man he got a few paces and then simply collapsed.

Slowly with a lot of my help we were edging towards the back door.

There are however 3 steps to negotiate before making it onto the grass area, I had to make a call I was concerned he would not make it down the steps without landing on his face.

That was it then I had to carry him.

Now lets have a little reality check here, this is me Jemma Brown  –  the girl who can’t see a thing in the dark and who does not posses any balance, carrying 30Kg of dog down some steps in the dark!

Well I did and Ian and I both survived… just!

It was almost close for a moment, as I took the last step onto the grass still carrying Ian I stepped on a slug and my foot slipped forward under the slimy mess I had just created.

Luckily it did not slide far but it left me with dead slug entrails the entire length of my sock.

My socks has now gone to the landfill heaven in the ground.

There is a moral to this story, if you are a little on the blind side and ever have the need to carry your guide dog or as in this case someone else’s guide dog outside apply shoes first!


2 thoughts on “The slug chronicles

  1. 60 KG of pup? We are slug free here in Minnesota, this year the mosquitos are late in coming but they just arrived much to my dismay! I read about your dart throwing and am also a dart player in the Twin Cities Blind Audio Dart League. We have some very old, 20 years old, talking dart boards and we play weekly Sept through April. I was once the president of the league but smartened up and now just play in the league and our tournament. My tandem captain won’t play darts with me because I beat him too regularly! I have been a tandem owner for 38 years and still go out when ever I can get a captain!.
    Take care and keep your fun meter in the fun zone!
    It is a sad day for health care here in the US as Ted Kennedy just past away.


  2. Ew! No ‘o’o’o’o’o’o ‘ew! LOL! I can only imagine Ian, thinking, “Where the hell am I? What’s that, smell?” Then zonking out and dreaming an giant slug hallucination.

    Wait a minute I can’t be thinking of this, I’m about to fall asleep myself. ‘a’a’a’ah!


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