Enthusiastic city council issues ‘inclusive’ taxi driver license applications – in Braille | Mail Online

Enthusiastic city council issues ‘inclusive’ taxi driver license applications – in Braille | Mail Online.

I’m all for being accessible to people with print disabilities but this is just plain stupid!


2 thoughts on “Enthusiastic city council issues ‘inclusive’ taxi driver license applications – in Braille | Mail Online

  1. Hello. I wanted to tell you that some parts of your web site are hard to read for me, as I’m color blind. I have deuteranopia, but there are more varieties of color blindness which will also get difficulties. I can read the largest part of the site Okay, and those parts I have issues with I can understand by using a adapted browser. In any case, it would be nice if you can consider us color-blind surfers whilst doing your next website design. Thanks.


    • Hi Colin

      Simply put the design is the way it is because as a Partially Sighted person I wanted to make my blog as easy for people with visual impairment to read. I am however all too aware that what is accessible for one VI person is not accessible for another.

      Most of all it was important for me setting up this blog that I could read what I was writing and see the links and make it a user friendly environment for my own needs. There are no WordPress themes that have a high contrast option or a text size that is easy and clear for someone with my degree of visual impairment so I had to edit the theme to enable me to simply be able to read my own posts!

      I will not be redesigning the website or changing it specifically because of this issue – and I am sorry about this as believe me I understand your frustration at the inaccessibility of areas of the internet. I cannot change the site because by improving it for you I will make it harder for someone else!

      I think the real problem here lies with WordPress, as I mentioned there are no themes where a reader can select the best fonts/colours/stile-sheets for their own access requirements. I honestly believe that in many areas WordPress is not really standing up to accessibility responsibilities as many screen reader users cannot even post a blog entry due to the complexity and the way the post creator is made.


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