My Life, Ten Years From Now

I would like to be happily married to a man thats caring, loving, funny and also my best friend. We will have at least one child by then and living in a comfortable house with a beautiful garden for my guide dog to play in.

In terms of my career and work, I would like a job in podcasting or radio production. Alternatively if that hasn't worked out I would like to be in a job where I help people and make a real positive difference to their lives.

I still want to be playing blind cricket in 10 years time, I hope by then England will have fully established a woman's international side – My dream is to travel to far off places playing the game I love.

In terms of my health I hope that my joints, eye conditions and mental health will have stabilised, needing less hospital appointments, physiotherapy, blood tests, medications and needle through the eye experiences. In reality all of this will probably not be achieved but it would be nice to have some stability at some point for a while.

I will still be a disability rights advocate campaigning for change where its needed and doing all I can to end stigma associated with disability and mental health.


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