My Favorite Quote of All Time

It's hard to think of just one quote so I'm gonng to hit you with a few!

"If your trying to drive me crazy I can walk from here" – This one is particularly special to me it's funny but it says a lot about how one persons actions can impact another persons psychological well being.

"Blind leading the blind equals problem" – Yep you have a point there!

"What a lovely black dalmation you have" – Said to Gus and I outside ASDA in Southampton.

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One thought on “My Favorite Quote of All Time

  1. Hi Jemma. The original phrase is a Biblical metaphor for the ignorant leading the ignorant, implying “careful who you follow”. But I just wanted to say that the “Blind leading the blind” equals PERFECT PARTNERSHIP in many situations. E.g. someone who is experienced at blindness, helping someone who is new to it…

    PS: I haven’t written to you for over 2 years, but I have got to say it, come on over to TAFN – The Accessible Friends Network. A very friendly blind community with a warm cosy VoIP server thats fully accessible & allows people to play MP3’s to eachother live, awaits!!


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