Former Archdeacon of Wells, Dick Ackworth, denounces unfair ‘benefits test’ – read why and sign his petition. #ukmh #MentalHealth

My own ‘medical’ was an absolute farce!

My assessor was provided with evidence from all my consultants but still when it came to my visual acuity test I said what I could see and my assessor said ” now try really hard”. As if if I put enough effort in I wouldn’t be blind!

My mum is also going through an ESA appeal as they found her fit for work when she quite clearly isn’t!

These tests cause nothing but stress and are carried out in a way that is often demeaning and causes distress.

They are not fit for purpose.


The Link:

Dear Iain Duncan-Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions,

We call on you to stop re-assessments for people with mental health problems until your fit-for-work test is fixed.

People with mental health problems are substantially disadvantaged by how they are being assessed and many are found fit to work when they are very unwell. Tens of thousands of people like me and my son have known for a long time how unfair this is.

Why is this important?

My son first became unwell with bipolar disorder when he was 19. Since then he has been hospitalised many times. He has been unable to live on his own and work for long periods of time because he has been unwell. His experience of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has been nothing short of appalling. When my son applied for Employment & Support Allowance (ESA), we were…

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