A Case Of Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome Being Mistaken For Child Abuse

EDS now includes the diagnosis of hypermobility syndrome so this massively saddens me to read. Most doctors don’t understand it so to me it’s no surprise that social workers are struggling.

Same Difference

Sadly, readers, I have heard a few other cases of physical disabilities, particularly rickets, being mistaken for child abuse and disabled children being taken into care.

Now, here is a feature from Take a Break, a UK women’s weekly, on a couple whose children were taken into care after they suffered unexplained injuries. They eventually demonstrated that the mother and children had EDS and the children were returned to them.

I wish it was possible to train social workers in recognising the difference between physical disabilities and child abuse. Sadly those who physically abuse their children tell all sorts of lies to cover their tracks, so suspicious social workers do have to carry out careful checks for the protection of children.

Sadly the mother was not diagnosed with EDS until all this had happened. I, for one, really hope people are being diagnosed with this condition earlier these days. What…

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