Depression is not Being a Bit Sad

Writes of the Church

[Edit: I’d really recommend going and reading this from “thedirtyho”, which is far better than mine and written from the inside]

If your short-term partner has left you, but you’ve had other partners in the past and will probably – given a few days’ self-pity – get over it, and in a few weeks find another one – then have a few drinks with some mates. In the morning, you’ll worry more about the headache than your failed relationship.

If you’re feeling relatively down because you spend every day in your office, writing progress reports that explain you’ve made no progress since the last progress report because you’re constantly in futile meetings to review your progress reports – go for a walk at lunch time. Will do you the power of good.

If you need a bit of cheering up, talk to your friends. They like you.

If you’re a popular…

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