I’m Spazticus Series 2 Episode 1 Review

I love this show!

Same Difference

When I heard that I’m Spazticus was returning for a second series, I was very disappointed. I watched one episode of series 1 and frankly, I found it disablist.

Series 2 started last night, and it wasn’t much different. The first scene was pointless-a blind man asking a sighted woman what was wrong with his new guide dog, which turned out to be a pig. He made out that he didn’t know this, but this just made him look stupid- in the words of my mum: “couldn’t he hear the oinking? He’s blind not deaf!”

The second sketch was a dwarf in a cafe punching an able bodied woman’s cupcakes- while she watched in shock and a song called Dwarf Punch Cupcake played in the background. So a real disabled person was shown destroying real cooked food- and once again, made to look stupid, insensitive and childish.

The ‘charity’…

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