‘Jobcentre Staff Nearly Killed Me’


Same Difference

From the Welfare News Service, sharing because everyone should read it.

The following alleged event took place on 20th August 2013 at the Jobcentre on Exchange Road in Watford, according to the author of this letter.


I was attending a work related face to face interview. Despite being unwell, I felt I had no choice except to attend or face losing benefit entitlement. I had arranged to be taken there with the Watford voluntary transport office. I had a 2pm appointment and arrived before time and was told to take a seat, because the adviser I was to see was still at lunch.

Despite having breathing troubles (possible onset of emphysema) I waited until the lady concerned called my name. I had to be helped to stand by a member of staff and was taken to her desk. It was clear that I was under considerable distress yet she started…

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