Jim Davidson Aims Sick ‘Jokes’ At Paralympians

I’m horrified, Jim Davidson has a sadly long history of nasty ness towards disabled people.

No doubt some people will just think the disabled community can’t take a joke, we can but this is just nasty!

Same Difference

I’ve just been sent this by a reader. I have no words.

Comic Jim Davidson is under fire after he made bad-taste jokes about two of Britain’s ­Paralympic gold medal heroines.

The millionaire “Nick Nick” comic appeared to target cyclist Sarah Storey, 35, who won four golds in London, and swimmer Ellie Simmonds, 18, who took gold twice and set a world record.

Ellie has a form of short-limb dwarfism and Sarah was born without a functioning left hand.

Davidson, 59, made the sick cracks in his first stand-up show since being cleared of 10 allegations of sex abuse against women.

He told a 750-strong crowd in Torquay: “I was watching Sports Personality of the Year and I said to my missus, ‘There’s a midget’.

“She said, ‘For f***’s sake don’t call her that’. She’s a swimmer. Apparently we had a little girl, formerly known as midget, wins the medals.

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