Plans to prosper not to harm

(I apologise to all readers it’s very late as I’m writing this and I’m writing on my mobile phone so grammar and punctuation etc may not be very accurate – well actually nothing new there just might be worse than normal OK)

I love how this lady writes!

Here’s my 2 cents on the topic – I wish WordPress would allow me to quite whilst reblogging in the mobile version but it won’t, so here goes me paraphrasing!

So the concept of trying things and working out Gods plans for our lives.

Wow! I can hardly begin to tell you how tricky it can be working out God’s ultimate plan for your earthly life is. This is something I have been pondering a lot recently as by the end of the month I will reach the age of 25 – as a teenager I had it all planned out exactly where I wanted to be in my life by now but crucially I didn’t believe in God.

So my teenage idea of where I would be right now is like this: I would have a decent degree after getting average-good A level results and would have met the (cliche) man of my dreams. I would have a reasonable job, that I both loved and would leave me financially stable.

Turns out Gods plan for my life is totally different to what I had planned: my A levels were not great, I dropped out of Uni with no degree and I’m single. I’m jobless, as a result I rely on benefits to pay my bills. Financially life is a struggle, there is no stability or security with this.

But the most important thing is that I am largely at peace with all this – it is all in Gods big plan for my life so it is all for my good and the good of those around me! Nothing bad EVER comes from God!

Right now God wants me out in the community volunteering, using my skills to help others who in many cases could never afford to pay people to do the work I do. This does not mean I’m not working hard to try and get a job, trust me I’m filling out mounds of monotonous applications but maybe the (paid) job God wants me to do doesn’t exist yet!

The stuff with my finances is hard – there is no point dressing it up and trying to pretend it isn’t it’s just hard. But I really feel God is with me and behind it all the way. I’m constantly learning new skills like planning, budgeting and cooking on a budget. God is helping me push aside embarrassment and shame around my finances allowing me to speak out and ask for help when I need it and generally being more real with people who often think the life of a ‘benefits scrounger’ is pretty easy – it’s not!

Then there is the hardest area for me: relationships with the opposite sex. Yes I really want to get married an have kids, I want to be loved by that special person just like anyone else does, but that is not what God wants for me right now. Is that easy to take? No! Especially when numerous friends have got married this year many more have had children at times it is incredibly hard being surrounded by babies and children at church. However this is what God has planned for my life right now – I’m ‘aunty’ Jemma to a lot of kids, I get to play with them and hand them back when it’s time for a nappy change! It also frees me up to honour and serve parents helping out where I can and offering my services for baby sitting.

So to summarise my own worldly plans for my life before and after coming to know God are very different Gods plan for my life is totally different in every way to what I had planned. I have no idea what is next but that’s on because God knows exactly where my life is going.

The other aspect of Lois’ blog is about trying new stuff – again I think I could write an essay on that topic it’s late and I’m writing this on my phone so I will leave an in depth for later but In short I’m a bit adventurous at heart (underneath many layers of wuss, pansy, scardy cat and old cardigan) I love trying new things. As soon as someone tells me I can’t do something due to disability I want to have ago anyway and maybe prove them wrong!

God in my living...

So I was challenged today on a phone call with a friend I hadn’t spoken too for a while.
“If I didn’t try I’d forever feel I’d not tried what God has put in me to try” (I paraphrase)
Wow! That challenged me, when I have thoughts, idea’s, sometimes I dismiss them as crazy, unachievable, farcical. But are they from God? Obviously I’m not saying God is crazy… But have you seen some of His creations, they are humorous at the very least. So maybe, just maybe these ideas are from Him.

I guess a way to tell is to see if they are inline with scripture. Do they encourage or discourage? Do they honour God or not? Are my motives pure or finance driven? Will they be a positive or negative addition to my life? Time? Energy?

He has plans to prosper us not to harm us. Why do…

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