The Vicar’s Day Off

Writes of the Church

I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised.

When I told Revd Nathan that I was happy to help organise the “Bashy Church”, I realised that – this being the Church of England – a committee would be required.

And I realised that, Anglican priests being the sort of people they are, Revd Nathan himself would ensure he was on the committee.

But when he suggested tomorrow afternoon – as he was “free” then – I was a bit surprised. After all, it is his day off. The meeting’s at 3.30. But the vicar may be a bit late. He has an assembly at 2.30, after all. And the Reader’s away on a holiday, so Nathan needs to get off to lead Evening Prayer at 5. 

Still, that seems fair enough, the vicar doing church stuff on his day off. After all, that’s when the rest of us do it…

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