Jesus Our Healer

So true Jesus cares for every aspect of our well being.

We often think of healing as being physical when really, healing can take place mentally and spiritually. As well as this, we’re not only healed of the natural but also of the supernatural. There are many examples in the bible of healing. Let’s take a look at both the Old Testament and New Testament. OT

In Genesis 20:17 we can find the story of Abraham when he prayed to heal Abimelech, his wife and the salve girls so that they could have children. NT In the book of Matthew 15:30-31 we see the story where the blind, lame and maimed came to Jesus and were healed. These two stories, like the other stories of healing in the bible, have one thing in common. Belief. These people believed in the Lord’s power that he would heal what they were asking for. These people had faith in what they were asking for…

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