RNIB Threatens DWP With Court Action For Not Catering For VI People

This has happened to me! Both DWP and Job center have done this and I have been sanctioned because of it in the past!

I’ve told them I need large print till I’m blue in the face no one listens or does anything!

Same Difference

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is threatening the Department of Work and Pensions with court action for suspending the benefits of a blind man after he missed appointments which he was only informed about through letters he was not able to read.

The RNIB has prepared five legal cases against the DWP and said it was looking into a further 50, which relate to the department’s failure to send out benefits letters in braille or large print format . In a number of cases, the DWP suspended recipient’s benefits leaving them in desperate circumstances, the RNIB said.

The charity’s intervention emerged as the DWP published figures showing the total number of sanctions against benefit claimants in the year to September 2013 was 897,690, the highest figure for any 12-month period since jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) was introduced in 1996.

The figures published by the Department for Work and…

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