Mental health: A journey of firsts


Sectioned medieval

For me, having mental health problems has been a journey of firsts: discovering or going through lots of things for the first time.

  • First time I’ve been arrested (s136). First time I’ve been unlawfully arrested (“found outside” my home). Not a good way to meet police.
  • Lots of firsts that are too painful for me to talk about (because I left hospital with post-traumatic stress disorder – for a flavour see here).
  • First time I’ve been told landlords won’t rent to me and that my best hope for a roof over my head is a hostel if, that is, I’m able to persuade the council I’m vulnerable.
  • First time I’ve been to the council’s offices to apply for their housing register.
  • First time I’ll have a court order against me. First time I’ll be asked to pay court costs. First time I’ll have a bad credit record.
  • First time…

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