Berlin Memorial To T4 Programme Opens Today

I was shocked when I studied the T4 programme and went to Berlin as a student that there was no memorial.

I’m pleased to hear that this has been addressed because society MUST not forget the systematic murder of thousands of disabled people.

Same Difference

We must always remember. We must teach our children, disabled or otherwise, because they must always remember.

A memorial to the victims of the Nazi T-4 euthanasia program will open on Tuesday September 2 in Berlin near the central Tiergarten park.

The Times of Israel reported that a memorial to the approximate 300,000 physically and mentally disabled people who were murdered by the German regime between 1939 – 45, was approved in November 2011 and will open on September 2. The article stated that:

“The murder of tens of thousands of patients and residents of care homes was the first systematic mass crime of the National Socialist regime,” said Uwe Neumaerker, director of the memorial foundation.

“It is considered a forerunner of the extermination of European Jews.”

The Times of Israel told the story of Benjamin Traub who at the age of 16 was diagnosed with schizophrenia who died in…

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