Disability Innovations: How 3D printing will make orthotics smarter, faster and cheaper

I live in so much hope my ankle splint is MASSIVE it doubles the size of my ankle my orthotics lift the height of my feet in my shoes by about 15mm! And there is no way of wearing skinny jeans and wearing a knee brace!

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Woman wearing and holding decorated back braces

Disability Innovations is a blog series that gathers some of the most interesting new products and services that aim to make disabled people’s lives easier. We hope it will inspire more innovation in the disability field.

What is Andiamo?

Andiamo is a start up creating healthcare solutions for disabled children, with a mission to see no child ever having to wait more than one week to receive a medical device.

Andiamo’s first venture is looking to 3D print orthotic supports, from back braces and wrist braces, to open foot orthoses. To reduce waiting periods to receive orthotics from a number of weeks to a mere 48 hours.

They are working to combine 3D scanning, printing and bio-mechanical models to create orthotics for children with a range of impairments from cerebral palsy, spina bifida or spinal injuries, to strokes and the side effects of chemotherapy.

How can 3D printing help?

Naveed and…

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