The Bird #BlindFAIL

I was stood at my back door today listening to the birds with my dog Ollie happily sniffing around when I heard the unmistakable little thud of a bird flying into the glass window of the flat above.

I started looking for a body… Hoping I would be mistaken. Now I am quite hardy when it comes to all things gross but freshly dead animals of any kind creep me right out so I really mean it when I say I was hoping against hope it would not be a dead bird on my patio.

And then I saw it, its tiny little totally unmoving body. it was very small and grey in colour… I couldn’t bring myself to touch it.

I decided I didn’t have time to deal with it there and then and that I would sort it out when I came back. This was an altar motive I was hoping that a member of the ferrel cat population that live just behind my block of flats would enjoy the snack and deal with it.

Hours later I arrived home and it was still there.

I put dog poop bags over both hands and a head torch on my head and decided I just had to deal with it. I heard my breath and got a closer look – yes it was definitely a dead bird and I definitely had to touch it. I reached down and grabbed it…

And discovered it was actually a piece of grey plastic!

So I called Ollie inside and decided to deal with it later as e needed to be heading out anyway


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