Disabled Artist Liz Crow Moulds 650 ‘Humans’ From Thames Mud

Same Difference

Sitting on the banks of the Thames, disabled artist and activist Liz Crow moulds little people from the raw river mud.

Over 10 consecutive days she is creating 650 figures to represent every constituency in the UK.

Liz wants to make people think about the people in power and how important each individual’s vote is in the upcoming election.

Coinciding with the tide times of the Thames, she has to be carried down to the river bed in a specially-made sling while the tide is low, and carried back up to safety when the tide comes in.

Although not the focus of the piece, Liz says that these difficulties contribute to the art that she is creating.

The project will impact her health severely and she says it will take months for her to recover from it.

“It is an invisible part of the piece,” she says, “but one of…

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