Wearable Tech for the Vision Impaired Fierce Contender for Virgin’s Pitch to Rich Competition

Not totally convinced by this I think I would look really odd wearing it!

Same Difference

A press release:


An innovative engineering group has created a global buzz with a radical wearable tech headband that’s taken Virgin Media’s Pitch to Rich competition by storm. Officially named Gravity 8, the smart headband device syncs with a GPS based mobile app to offer vision impaired wearers personal, hands free navigation assistance.

Unlike other wearable tech products which are designed to enhance the lives of everyday people, Gravity 8 has been developed with vision impaired wearers in mind. Powered by Bluetooth, Gravity 8 connects to a GPS-based app and Mobile Maps system to plot a route.  Directions are then relayed to the wearer through vibrations in either the left or right side of the headband. As a revolutionary new product Gravity 8 has been entered into the Pitch to Rich ‘New Things’ category. Designed to launch “big ideas with the capacity to disrupt,” Gravity 8 ticks all…

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