The Guide Dog journey so far…..

A fantastic lady I’m luck enough to call my friend if you want to learn about guide dogs and the training process and just how they change your life add this blog to your favourites!


So, here it is my first blog post! I have to say I’m writing this wondering what I’m doing, I’m not a massive fan of blogs but a couple of people suggested that maybe my story might help, inspire or encourage someone and its for that reason I’m doing this.

First a bit of background; I’m a physiotherapist working in the NHS, I’m in my 40s, compete in strong woman and I have a genetic condition called ocular-cutaneous albinism,which basically means I have no pigment in my hair, skin and eyes. It also means that I have been registered partially sighted since birth. Thankfully its not a deteriorating condition and has been stable since childhood.

I first contacted Guide Dogs in December last year, I have no idea why really: My life was pretty full with work, training and socialising but in hindsight I think getting around independently had started to feel…

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