A Better Pain Scale

This is really interesting as I find pain scales very difficult – even when a doctor or a nurse tells me to think of the worst pain I have ever had in an attempt to help… It doesn’t!

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

An Excellent Pain Scale | from defunct blog http://paynehertz.blogspot.com/

This pain scaled was devised by Dr. J.S. Hochman MD, the founder of the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain [now defunct]. It is far better than the counterintuitive “1 to 10” pain scale as it uses descriptions of the patient’s pain and functionality at various levels as well as the predicted efficacy of various meds at those levels

This is important, as perceived pain level is really a function of the physical sensation of pain, its impairment on your functionality, and the relative efficacy of various medications at relieving that pain, as few modalities work as quickly as meds to get pain under control and improve functionality.  

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