How Do Blind People See Emojis?

Emoji are an interesting one for me, I don’t fully understand them. 

Let’s get an example most of the time when my eyes are in good enough shape I use them to view the screen with really target fonts and bold text, sometimes with magnification enabled. 

So someone sends me a text with a yellow face emoji in… And I have no idea what they are trying to say! All of the yellow face emoji look exactly the same to me some have blue bits on but I have no idea what it is. 

So I turn on voiceover (the voice Damon is using) and let my phone read out what it is. 

I may then be less confused!

As for the double meanings they talk about I had no idea… I may just be too innocent! 

Sending emoji is also tricky again I turn on the speech on my phone and move my finger across the screen to find something fitting it takes a while and sometimes the phone thinks I’m selecting an emoji when I was actually just trying to find out what it was. 

So if you have ever received one of these 😎🙄🤓* from me be grateful a lot of effort went into it.

I must say I do love them though!

*oh my gosh they finally have an emoji with glasses I’m so happy… Shame about the buck teeth!

On this edition of Inside Ouch: Apple has released 150 brand new emojis. The internet is becoming increasingly visual but how do blind people experience these graphics, and is digital communication becoming more inaccessible? With Kathleen Hawkins, Kate Monaghan and Damon Rose. Listen to the podcast here. Tell us what you think of our podcasts […]

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