NHS cogwheels: why should I have to grease them?

I have to share please read the whole thing this is the state this conservative government is allowing our NHS to fall into. 

A few bullet points from me:

  • In December I was ‘transferred’ from one CMHT to another in the same city and then was given no point of contact until my GP chased nearly 4 months later, now I have a psychiatrist but I’m on a waiting list for a care coordinator. 
  • My medications are prescribed (mostly) in 6 monthly batches meaning every month I pick up my prescriptions direct from the pharmacy and don’t have to go to the GP. Every 6 months at least one drug is left off this order… It’s time consuming for all involved to try and sort out what’s been missed off. 
  • I have on many occasions been asked by consultants to take in a printed off letter detailing a care plan to my GP as it will speed the process of communication up by a week or more… This is great and I don’t mind doing it but when this letter is about a critical change in medication you kind of think wow what would happen if I wasn’t able to do this? And what is so wrong with NHS communication!

There are oodles of definitions of person-centred, or patient-centred, care – sometimes it can feel like people/organisations reinvent what they mean by these terms every time they start a new project or initiative. I’ll tell you what I mean by it: That the person receiving the care is the main priority of staff and services. That […]


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