If I Had A Million Dollars…

I’m a Christian so I don’t gamble so there is no chance of me winning the lottery but yes I often think this given my physical disability too… There are a couple of other things too one of the latest video magnifiers that can both magnify things and read the text out loud would be really appreciated. Although these things can be amazing for many who can afford them there are many who have to just make do and get on. 

I was assessed for a personalised budget to help me with these kinda things a couple of years ago it was assessed that I would need an average of 6 hours of support a week. Months of filling in forms and assessments and being asked very personal questions and after it all my local council awarded me £6 of funding a week which would pay for less than an hour of support. 

When I become a rich and famous copyeditor (stop laughing, damn it), I know exactly what I will do. Forget the posh beach vacations and the shopping sprees and the sumptuous dinners (okay, I’m keeping the dinners). When (not if) I have a million dollars at my disposal, I’m going to get … a personal […]


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