Notes On Blindness- A Review

From all the reviews I’ve read I think if I were to actually watch this film there would be vomit… Just so cliche!

Same Difference

Notes on Blindness is the true story of academic and theologian John Hull. After losing his sight in the early 1980s, Hull began to record his observations and memories of life, blindness and life with blindness on hundreds of audio cassettes.

This documentary, in which actors lip-synch extracts from those recordings- and from more recent interviews with Hull, gives viewers a small insight into one family’s experience of losing eyesight and learning to live without it. At its heart, Notes on Blindness is a love story- the story of three very different kinds of love. First, the love between man and wife, second, the love between father and child, and third, the love between a man and his eyesight.

Hull (Dan Skinner) and his wife, Marylin (Simone Kirby) often seem to compare the experience of him going blind to death. She often says that she feels like he is going…

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