#WordPress #iOS interface issue #A11y

So you may have noticed things have been quieter than normal of late even my reposting has slowed down this is for 2 main reasons. 

1. If your not that well for a while you have to prioritise the things that are the most important in your life. 

2. I for the life of me cannot work out how to reblog posts using the iPhone app for WordPress!

Today I’m going to talk about issue 2 back in the day in the app used to have a dedicated reblog button this was great but then it changed. 

One app redesign later you had to click the share button and select WordPress and then you would get a screen in the app for all your options like say title and body etc. Simple (although actually not perfect). Your link and a quote would be in the body text and you could edit this and the title would be a default. 

I’ve gone to do this again today and discovered it’s changed again. 

Now the options just share the link for what you want to reblog the title is from what I understand the link. 

It is totally bizzar so I attach a photo… Low vision users I apologise but this won’t have very useful alt text as I don’t understand it myself in the first place. 

So iOS particularly iPhone users how do you reblog posts you want to share? 

I’m either missing something simple visually or it’s really not very intuitive. 

Help me people there is so much great stuff out there I want to share with you.

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