Temporarily not #disabled

I’m going to start with a quote that I’m pretty sure will make some of you very uncomfortable.

“Do you currently have a disability? If not, do you realize that you almost certainly will have one before you die?” @StephenBedard10

I’m sorry if this is the first time you are hearing this but our earthly bodies get old and break… So if you are blessed with a long life it almost guarantees you will become disabled.

Blindness, hearing loss, mobility impairment and issues with memory and cognition are all really common as we age.

Whilst medicine improves all the time there is only so much it can do.

This will happen to you and as I said if your blessed it will happen as you age if not some illness or accident might damage your body beyond medical repair before then. It could happen tomorrow!

Like I said I know this is making some of you uncomfortable, some of you will think I’m morbid others will think it’s so scary you just can’t imagine it.

Your view is one of negativity and fear.

But imagine instead of filling you with dread you could acceptt it as a fact as something that will happen.

What if instead of swing it as a negative you used this knowledge to empower you to make better decisions about the way you live and your health?

What if realising that it WILL happen to you made you a better ally to those people in your life that live with disability and chronic illness, and I don’t mean this in some sickly pity party way!

What if it made you care about accessibility? I know some of you will immediately be on the defensive ‘I do care about accessibility it’s just’… why change for just one person’s benefit? I planned at last minute and didn’t have time/forgot… I’m too busy to get the ramp.

We all need to care more about barriers society puts up that disable people.

Be an ally!


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