#BADD Blogging Against Disabilism Day

  BADD falls on Friday 1st of May this year and I was shocked to read it’s 10 years… I remember the early days and have taken part most years.

So why am I telling you this?

BADD is open to anyone to contribute an you can use any medium you like to blog and you can blog about anything that affects disabled people AND perhaps most importantly you don’t have to have a disability to take part. 

To quote The Goldfish who does a fantastic job of organising:

 This is the day where all around the world, disabled and non-disabled people blog about their experiences, observations and thoughts about disability discrimination (known as disablism or ableism). In this way, we hope to raise awareness of inequality, promote equality and celebrate the progress we’ve made.

So I urge all my followers who blog to get stuck in and take part. Instructions for doing so can be found at this link… It’s easy I promise! 


Happy BADD – Lets all be positive about disability

As you should know by now if you read this on a regular basis today it is Blogging Against Disableism Day, clicking on the BADD banner on the right will take you straight through to the hub and I would recommend it.

If I am completely honest I didn’t know what to write about for todays BADD. I was going to write something positive about the things I am proud of as a disabled person, not in a everyone smile and cheer at the poor little disabled person getting on with there every day lives but looking at the positive things we as disabled people bring to our communities and on a wider level society.

To oftern the media focus on the negatives of disability or use a patronising tone, unfortunatly this negativity oftern extends to the genral public or even worse service providers. Today at work I was asked to put our this statement on to our jobs database, written by the charity themselves

” Transport is a particular problem for people who are blind and partially sighted. Fear and uncertainty of how to get to their destination, often preventing people from going out altogether, which then can lead to isolation and depression.”

So this add would leave every person that reads it to believe that every blind and partially sighted person in the country feels isolated, scared to leave there own home and depressed. Not just that but its not exactly well written anyway is it? I’m not one to talk about grammar but its just not right in lots of ways. I know that there are pleanty of VI people up an down the contry who live happy contented and actives lives

So why am I not writing about the positives then? (and this is where it gets ironic) Today I have had a very bad day with all my impairments, my shoulder was very painful this morning which made me late, my eye has been playing up all day and you know what I am just having a bad day with my depression, I tried to book an appointment to see my GP today and was told that there where no appointments on the system yet so I would have to ring back and can’t be seen till June.

So basically whatever I wrote today would be utter shit, I have been trying to write something good for BADD all day, but today I just can’t.

Disablism on the application

So picture the scene your disabled you want a job, you see/hear of one being advertised you apply what happens (in my case 9 out of 10 times) bugger all.

Now excuse me for being confused but wasn’t the DDA (disability discrimination act) and all its little additions supposed to give us more rights to employment so it is illegal to discriminate against people purely based on there disability?

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are success story’s but from my own personal experence employers have a simple way of getting around the DDA legislation, a crafty way which makes it difficult to prove disablism.

In my experience they simply do not reply to your application or give you any acknowledgement, its hard to prove that they have not responded to your application because of your disability yet it nearly always happens, in my case.

There are of course plenty of other ways employers get around the DDA, I don’t actually think further legislation is the way forward for getting disabled people in to work, nether do I think that government moves to remove or reduce benefits to disabled people is the way to go either.

I think the government need to focus on education, I may have rabbited on about this before but its to late for the elder generation. Children should learn about disability the same way they learn about smoking; OK perhaps not quite the same but the topics should be of equal importance.

How about this a new subject on the national curriculum: Disability Studies, learning all about the culture and great things disabled people contribute to our everyday lives.


Yes everyone today is blogging against disablism day!

Happy BADD to everyone who is out there publishing stuff across the world on the internet today!

Now unfortunately I have to admit that I have been very BADD in that I completely forgot it was today. It wasn’t until I saw a blog entry on Ouch! today at college that I remembered so unfortunately I havn’t really planned what to blog about so now I have to think of something.

So I have set myself a challenge: it is now 4:33pm (GMT) by 12Am (GMT) I will think of something that fits the theme to blog about.

What this all means? I here you cry.

Well basically if I succeed you will have the opportunity to read some truly wonderful words written an arranged by none other than myself.

If I fail, well this will have to do!