Knowing God – Interview with Jemma Brown — YouBelong

What is your name and what does it mean? My name is Jemma Brown and it means precious gem which is very fitting as I was a long awaited baby! It took my parents 10 years to conceive me hence I’m my parents precious gem. Do you think your name suits who you are and/ […]

Knowing God – Interview with Jemma Brown — YouBelong

I had the privilege a few weeks ago of compleating this short interview for YouBelong so I thought I would share it.

Since discovering YouBelong on Twitter I have been following there work and I am so encouraged by what they are doing. I have also enjoyed reading the other interviews in the series so would reccomend checking them out.

The Mission of YouBelong is:

“Community Support Empower

We aim to give chronically ill and disabled christians:

an online support network of people who can also have a chronic illness or disability and share the struggles that come from living as a christian whilst facing the questions and problems that arise from chronic illness/disability.

platforms to discuss disability and chronic illness theology via our blog posts and social media pages

a church who love, support and empower them”

I would really encourage those leading Churches or working in minestry or theology to take a look at the website. Put simply there are lots of small steps Churches can take to make things easier and more accessible for those with chronic illness, mental health conditions and disability. In most cases such small changes often turn out to benefit everyone.

Trying #WordPress App’s

So following on from my post about problems posting to WordPress using Chrome and scouring the internet for information as to the cause and a fix. I got nowhere I’ve established lots of people have the same problem and that problems with Chrome and WordPress go back as far as 2017.

It does not make sense to me that these two companies can’t work it out!

Anyway after my last post I had some help from some amazing friends who helped me test that it was defiantly not Supernova causing the post editor to freeze and be unusable. They also gave me suggestions as to how to fix the issue but none of these have helped.

So I’m going in a different direction.

I’m currently testing a number of windows apps that allow me to post directly from there interface to WordPress – it seems like the right option for me.

I’m currently writing this in Open Live writer and so far it defiantly works a lot better than the WordPress editor in chrome. it has frozen once but 30 seconds later everything was fine I didn’t lose any of my work which is great. I also like how the interface/background matches the colour scheme on my blog…

UPDATE: That’s two episodes of freezing now and that one was strange the colours in the window inverted too which did make me think it was about to properly crash.

Oh wow we are up to 3 freezes but you know what its still better than using WordPress editor in chrome.

This is going to become a mini series where I look at different apps if you have a suggestion please leave a comment. Please note I will only be looking at free apps I’m not made of money!

***Note if you read my other blog first Open Live Writer did save everything I had written so that’s a plus. I’m only going to find out about its reliability by testing it and praise Jesus there is a spell checker on this one.***

Testing Testing… 123

Hello this is a test to see if the WordPress App for Windows solves my problem with Blogging on my computer.

So far I have also tested Open Live Writer but this froze 4 times in the space of 10 minutes and then crashed compleatly… yet it was still better than trying to use the WordPress editor in chrome! Saying thta I have not yet looked to see if what I wrote before it quit was saved.

Anyway enough rambling I’m going to schedule this post for a later date and see if it works.

When I decide on an app that works I’ll let you know.

If anyone has any reccomendations of free apps for Windows to try do shout out and I’ll give it a test.

One large glitch with the official WodrPress app for Windows – it appears to not have spell checker which is going to be a problem!

Upgraded: The Gaming Accessibility Conference 2018

Gaming accessibility is something I’m really passionate about because I have grown up gaming and with a visual impairment.

A lot is being done it has to be said mostly by Microsoft (the Xbox one has a screen reader, Magnification and a plethora of controller set up options) it seems the whole gaming community is getting together to spread the word on accessible gaming.

I would have loved to have been at this conference able to get my voice heard.

I have a Nintendo Switch and I love it dearly but it lacks even basic accessibility settings when you compare it with the big boys of PlayStation and Xbox (however there is give and take on both sides)… purely based on accessibility I would love to own an Xbox as well as my Switch.

NEWSFLASH! People with all kinds of disabilities play console/computer games of all kinds. We are as diverse as any other group it’s time for industry to hear our voice.

Please see below for original post

Upgraded: The Gaming Accessibility Conference 2018
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#WordPress #iOS interface issue #A11y

So you may have noticed things have been quieter than normal of late even my reposting has slowed down this is for 2 main reasons. 

1. If your not that well for a while you have to prioritise the things that are the most important in your life. 

2. I for the life of me cannot work out how to reblog posts using the iPhone app for WordPress!

Today I’m going to talk about issue 2 back in the day in the app used to have a dedicated reblog button this was great but then it changed. 

One app redesign later you had to click the share button and select WordPress and then you would get a screen in the app for all your options like say title and body etc. Simple (although actually not perfect). Your link and a quote would be in the body text and you could edit this and the title would be a default. 

I’ve gone to do this again today and discovered it’s changed again. 

Now the options just share the link for what you want to reblog the title is from what I understand the link. 

It is totally bizzar so I attach a photo… Low vision users I apologise but this won’t have very useful alt text as I don’t understand it myself in the first place. 

So iOS particularly iPhone users how do you reblog posts you want to share? 

I’m either missing something simple visually or it’s really not very intuitive. 

Help me people there is so much great stuff out there I want to share with you.

New year new you – NO!

Now there’s a phrase that’s branded about a lot at this time of year I have no idea who first coined the phrase but I hate it… I shall explain why and start by being a little pedantic!

First off lets get this straight it is impossible to create a new you at new year or any other time. Until science evolves to the point where we can clone humans this is fundamentally impossible. Yea bits of us can replaced – I have the cornea of a very kind hearted individual who agreed to be an organ and tissue donor upon their passing.

Here’s my next issue God created you PERFECT! Whatever quirks or traits you have where planned by God. You are a beautiful creation the idea of ditching all that beauty and perfection from God to create a new you just does not compute in my brain. God loves you infinitely the way you are and created you to be you and no one else. 

Then there is the issue of chronic illness for people like me there is no cure (or hope of a cure) my body is the body I was born with and no amount of diet changes or exercise will make that body function normally. 

That’s just a tiny taste of why The phrase grates on me so much!

So new year new you can do one!

#BADD Blogging Against Disabilism Day

  BADD falls on Friday 1st of May this year and I was shocked to read it’s 10 years… I remember the early days and have taken part most years.

So why am I telling you this?

BADD is open to anyone to contribute an you can use any medium you like to blog and you can blog about anything that affects disabled people AND perhaps most importantly you don’t have to have a disability to take part. 

To quote The Goldfish who does a fantastic job of organising:

 This is the day where all around the world, disabled and non-disabled people blog about their experiences, observations and thoughts about disability discrimination (known as disablism or ableism). In this way, we hope to raise awareness of inequality, promote equality and celebrate the progress we’ve made.

So I urge all my followers who blog to get stuck in and take part. Instructions for doing so can be found at this link… It’s easy I promise!

Bid to kill #CAPTCHA security test gains momentum

Bid to kill CAPTCHA security test gains momentum

This is great since CAPTCHA’s started popping up blind and visually impaired people have faced huge issues accessing anything online that needs a CAPTCHA. This has lead to people having to ask sighted people for help sometimes having to give out there log in details and other secure information.

Since they were initially launched there have been access improvements – many now have scrambled audio where numbers are spoken alongside what I can only describe as noise. Unfortunately this has not gone far enough the audio versions don’t work on mobile platforms and are often just as unintelligible as there written alternatives.

From the early days of the CAPTCHA there have been viable alternatives and quite frankly it’s about time code writers and designers start using them.

#DWP & #ATOS at it again please read! – #disability #ESA & #ATOS

I just read an article that has hugely saddened me, please keep reading and follow the link to get the full story.

A blind woman has been made seriously physically ill by ATOS and the DWP working in a way that totally disregards the Equality Act.

Having just read the facts of what happened I am so stunned that I really don’t know what to say.

The matter boils down to one of what’s sometimes called a print disability. The term print disability can be used to describe anyone who is unable or would struggle to read standard print. It’s an umbrella term and can be used to describe conditions such as total blindness, dyslexia and intellectual disabilities.

In this case the lady in question uses Braille or audio instead of standard print and ATOS & DWP are unable to produce this.

They then told her that she would have to find someone to fill out the form for her.

The stress of this landed her in hospital.

As I said at the beginning this saddens me you might think that’s a strange reaction, maybe it is but for me it’s personal.

As I’ve mentioned before my mum is almost totally blind her way of dealing with written correspondence is Braille.

My mum requested the same form as the woman in this story in Braille and got the response at the other end of the phone that said ‘I’m not sure if we do Braille but we should I will try and get it for you’.

The form the arrived in standard print with a deadline to have it completed and the threat that missing that deadline will result in loss of benefits.

My mum is lucky she got help from my dad and a local charity but for thousands of other people this is not the case.

I have also had help to fill out the form in question. I’ve also had the stress of trying to get it done in time for the deadline bearing in mind I get one hour of support a week!