Medpac – Very Orange But in a Good Way

I received an Amazon order in the post this afternoon and it was my bright orange Medpac and I’m very impressed.

This Will not be a full review I’ve only had it a few hours but I wanted to share as they have sizes and shapes to suit all needs and I’m genuinely impressed by what I have seen so far.

They are no joke bright orange this is good because in my case in contains epipens and they need to be found quickly if they are needed.

I ordered the one to fit two epipens and it fits 2 epipens snugly it has a  clip on the side of it and helpful little cards to put important information on.

I’ve only had it an afternoon and already someone has asked me where I got it so here is a link Medpack Link


Day 2 – The Simple Things in Life *

*Or NOT!

Today I am inspired by chatting to someone who has  only in the last 2 years become visually impaired. Meeting a relative newbie at the start of learning to live life independently with a sever visual impairment has made me think of all the little adaptations and things i do in a strange way without even thinking about it.

Take for example making a cup of coffee and carrying it over to your faviourte spot on the sofa to curl up and watch TOWIE (or whatever the latest TV craze is).  How do you get that boiling water from the kettle into the cup? Let alone carry the cup of hot coffee from the kitchen to the sofa around relatives, friends and animals without ending up wearing it?

The bottom line is you don’t I regularly spill boiling water on my hand when I make a hot drink, it does not scold me because by the time i have said a naughty word and waved my hand in the air the water is at a much cooler temperature. On Teaspoon going from jar to cup I always spill coffee and sugar. Not to mention just the other day I tripped over a shoe at a friend’s house and promptly redecorated her hallway with my cup of tea.

My mum rang me earlier today to tell me she had polished her shoes with fly killer instead of shoe polish, you find a can in the cupboard how do you know which one is which? The reality is if it’s not where YOU ALWAYS leave it then mishaps happen. In the past I have been washing my hair and accidentally used sun cream instead of shampoo which is a horrible experience because of the greasy nature of sun cream but it happens.

Yesterday I realised how lucky I am that I don’t have any food allergies, I was buying cake for a friend who does and it suddenly occurred to me that if I had been on my own I would have had no clue which cake would make her ill and which cake would be safe.

Best before dates… Need I really explain?

Think about walking down to your local corner shop, now imagine that with your eyes closed, does the thought of walking to the shop with your yes shut scare you? Then add into the mix all the things you could encounter on your journey; Pedestrians, cyclists, traffic, road works, pot holes, chewing gum, overhead branches, children, birds, wheel bins, lampposts, postboxes… There where some shocking statistics released a few years ago that 8 out of 10 blind people never leave the house alone due to fear and lack of confidence if you couldn’t see where you were going would you make it to work on time?

This is a topic I have written about before I realise both here (You know your a blind person when…) and on the BBC Ouch Website (How to **** in the woods) but the point still remains, things I do every day are different to that of a sighted person, for example right now writing this very post I am not poking at the keyboard or my computer screen, I like to write with my eyes shut and without and screen reader software so its just me and my fingers dancing across the keyboard. I type at my fastest when I  and not looking or listening to anything else and its something I really enjoy having the time to do on occasion. Of course when it comes to proof reading and editing my writing I do look at the screen but then still miss half my typos anyway! Sorry blogosphere your just going to have to put up with me writing utter rubbish that is not grammatically correct!


Wow Excitement at geekish levels!

Well I appreciate this post will bore most of you in to a stupor of non caring existence ant that your opinion of me will perhaps change to one that sees me as some who blows their own trumpet. This is a risk i am willing to take because I am proud of my achievements!

I should explain for the beginning – Way back as a teenager in secondary school I was started on a programme of touch typing using Mavis Beacon Teaches typing. I used this software once or twice a week to help me learn to touch type. At the time I hated it and sometimes sat at the computer on my own doing nothing except possibly eating the bar of chocolate I had stowed about my person, of course I quickly lurched into action if there was a teacher around! Some days the cheating was impossible and I kind of liked the idea of being able to type really fast without looking at the computer keyboard, plus my parents and teachers regularly told me how important the ability to type would be in my life – for all the skiving and the boredom I did take it seriously! Even back then I knew that my hand writing was incomparable to even my peers with the scruffiest writing, I often struggled to read my own hand writing and positively felt sorry for my teachers who had to read anything I had written in a hurry.

Progress was PAINFULLY slow but I stuck at it, my journey was helped greatly but the sudden emergence of (as it was back then) MSN Messenger, I guess this increased the amount of time I spent typing even if I was hunched over the computer keyboard looking at the large print yellow on black keyboard stickers!

Bare in mind at school and to an extent college I was expected to hand write during class, most homework assignments had to go into our exercise books at school, My typing was considered to be at to infant a level for me to be eligible to use a Laptop in classes, this is probably true it was probably not yet faster for me to type than it was to write but I perhaps feel for everyone’s sake it may have been easier for everyone to read if I had typed it. Eventually I must have been in year 9 or maybe even year 10 my typing was considered fast enough to warrant me being loaned a laptop, a whopping 37 words a minute (WPM) I belive. The first laptop I was given I eagerly carried home, turned on and it crashed, I got a blue screen of death and then it turned itself off. It was replaced a few days later by what can only be described as a BEAST of a laptop, it was incredibly heavy and brick like, the power pack was quite possibly the size of a standard house brick and equally as heavy.

So anyway back to the topic in hand since using a laptop more first at school, college and then full-time at university and for play my typing speed has improved greatly.

I got an incredibly sense of nostalgia when whilst wandering thought Apples new App store I came across Mavis Beckon teaches typing ’11 ultimate edition.

I was however disappointed to discover its impossible to make the practice fonts bigger in this new edition, meaning I made mistakes because  I could not read what I was supposed to be typing unless I hunched with my head very close to the screen which is not good posture for typing! As a result my average WPM scores were incredibly disappointing!

However there is a silver lining to the situation here. I discovered this evening that the Mavis Beacon software has a built in visual typing gauge that can be viewed whilst you type in any document or frame.

It has spent most of its time whilst i have been writing this sat around the 80 to 100 WPM mark, the scale only goes up to 100 WPM.

This is exciting! considering the adverse human being speaks at roughly 90 words a minute this is a very good thing.

The slug chronicles

Now think about this have you ever stepped on a slug? The answer is probably yes, but then have you stepped on a slug whilst wearing nothing but socks and whilst carrying 30Kg of guide dog? I thought not!

This was the scene last Monday night, Ian my mums 9 year old guide dog had just had a big operation on his mouth, he had been allowed home but was very, very sleepy. He had not been to the toilet (of any variety) for about 10 hours -based on this we were sure he needed to go.

His legs however would not carry him, he was like a very, very drunk old man he got a few paces and then simply collapsed.

Slowly with a lot of my help we were edging towards the back door.

There are however 3 steps to negotiate before making it onto the grass area, I had to make a call I was concerned he would not make it down the steps without landing on his face.

That was it then I had to carry him.

Now lets have a little reality check here, this is me Jemma Brown  –  the girl who can’t see a thing in the dark and who does not posses any balance, carrying 30Kg of dog down some steps in the dark!

Well I did and Ian and I both survived… just!

It was almost close for a moment, as I took the last step onto the grass still carrying Ian I stepped on a slug and my foot slipped forward under the slimy mess I had just created.

Luckily it did not slide far but it left me with dead slug entrails the entire length of my sock.

My socks has now gone to the landfill heaven in the ground.

There is a moral to this story, if you are a little on the blind side and ever have the need to carry your guide dog or as in this case someone else’s guide dog outside apply shoes first!

the joys of food

well i have just discovered something that i quite possibly just forgot about. in my child years i was addicted to the stuff and now it has been rediscovered for my own tastiness.

yes people I’m talking about Nutella sorry to be slightly boring and blog about a chocolate spread but its seriously good. its full of hazelnuty goodness and chocolate addiction and contains a vast amount of milk.

yes today I’m loving nutella, i have already had Nutella on toast and I’m seriously considering hot banana and Nutella…..

you can even check out there website and look at the history of Nutella here


I was going to blog about something,… it was something that bugged me…. something important, but for the life of me I cant remember what the hell it was!

Welcome to the really annoying part of my brain which has a non existent memory span, it drives me bonkers its amazing I actually manage to get anything done with a memory like mine.

Well I guess I can just give you a Jemma up date, because I’m very unlikey to remember what I wanted to blog about!

A few interesting things have happened.

  • Me and a friend have decided to go away camping in august together, no parents, just us my tent and a map.
  • My EMA bonus has finally been agreed and payed!
  • I still haven’t got my large print copy of harry potter, this is what happens when your god mother orders it as a present for you! (OK its not her fault she just had a stroke) I love her really!!!!! ❤

I think that’s about it really, oh I just need to say one more thing quickly aimed at one specific person, Rose if your reading this just because you don’t have a blog does not mean you cant post a comment!

8 random facts about Jemma

Zepher , over at Arthritic Young Thing has tagged me to do this …(by the way sorry its so late Zepher I’ve been on my hols) and it would be rude not to! And I actually love doing random things like this!

Here’s the rules.

1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

1. I don’t drink or smoke, but I completely understand people that do and am quite happy to go down the pub and watch everyone else get completely drunk.

2. I HATE clubbing and other places that are loud and have flashing lights… the inability to see in the dark combined with photophobia (the inability to see in bright light) and then inability to here due to loud music and I’m doomed!

3. I never eat vegetables I hate them all, I don’t eat much fruit ether I no it’s really bad for me but I cant help it. the smell of fish makes me heave, and the only meat I eat is chicken. yes I’m a very fussy eater

4. I absolutely love camping and hiking and the great outdoors, I also have an obsession with buying camping equipment, I own 3 sleeping bags, a very lovely flowery tent, travel towels, various hiking rucksacks, 2 pairs of boots (one of which doesn’t even fit!), some very dodgy water proof trousers (I had to by them 3 sizes to big so they would be long enough).

5. I am 5ft 10 and 3/4 and have a 35inch inside leg, which makes it difficult to buy trousers. also I have very wide size 9(UK) feet which makes it very difficult to buy shoes, on top of that I have to wear corrective orthosoles in my shoes, all that means I live in trainers.

6. I mentioned earlier that I love camping and hiking and stuff, well I do but when hiking I fall over ever few minutes my balance is awful, because I have a bone condition, bilateral twisted tibia’s, twisted pelvis, twisted hips and knock knees. The worst hiking falling over incident I have had was tripping and staying on my feet but with my head stuck in a thorn bush above me and my hand stuck on barb wire. I got my head free then had to peel my hand of the barbed wire!

7. I really like Harry Potter I love the books (especially as they are available in large print) and the Harry Potter books are the books I have read cover to cover of my own will, and i have pre-ordered the last book already!

8. I got the letter through on Saturday that my final assessment for a guide dog is on the 1st of August!! exciting stuff (I’ve been dieing to blog about it but didn’t think it warranted a full entry so this counts)

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