#DisabilityPrideMonth – Flag

Did you know that July is disability pride motnh? Did you know that there is a disability pride flag?

Well here it is:

“[Image description: A black flag diagonally crossed from the top of the hoist to the bottom of the fly by a four-color “Lightning bolt” in stripes of blue, gold, green and red]” 

The creater of the flag last year in a post on their website officially waved all copy write to the image and even created a guide to draw it yourself which you can find here.

This is such a huge gift to the community I wanted to share it and say thank you. The symbolism of the flag is beautiful and I want to use Anne’s words so I’m going to quote them below, again taken from her website.

““Artist’s Statement” about this Flag:

1) The black field: Black has three significant meanings:

First: the color of mourning for all those disabled people who have been murdered in the name of “mercy.”

Second: the color of the pirates’ “Jolly Roger” flag, representing our determination to steal our lives back from those public (and private) ‘authorities,’ who use their power in an attempt keep us marginalized.

Third: A reference to the Nazi Black Triangle badge, which was used to identify those whom the Nazis considered “antisocial“ and which has been adopted in Britain to protest the government’s austerity measures against the Disabled.

2) The “Lightning Bolt” motif:

Diagonal lines have been traditionally used in the flags of former colonies, to represent breaking free from colonial powers (empire nations tend to have flags dominated by horizontal and vertical lines). And Disabled people’s lives have long been ‘colonized’ by the medical, religious, and educational establishments.

The zigzag shape represents how the Disabled people must continually navigate around the structural and attitudinal barriers erected throughout normate society, and also the creative, ‘lateral,’ thinking we have to use to solve problems each day.

3) The individual colors represent broad categories of disabilities:

Blue: mental illness disabilities

Yellow: Cognitive and intellectual disabilities

Green: Sensory perception disabilities

Red: Physical disabilities”.

I’m going to post later on in the month about the importance of disability pride month but in the meantime I would encourage you to look at the hashtag on social media, the biggest thing you can do as an ally is research!

#ReBlog 4 Ways To Avoid Being Too Judgmental – Faith in the News

4 Ways To Avoid Being Too Judgmental – Faith in the News
— Read on faithinthenews.com/4-ways-to-avoid-being-too-judgmental/

This is a very short read but is backed up by scripture.

We all judge each other and jump to conclusions before we know the whole story.

We are all also judging each other about our interpretations of COVID-19 rules in a really unhealthy way.

Worse still people are being murdered because of the colour of there skin – the worst judgment of all that black lives are worth less. Due to racial stereotypes and judgements on others based purely on appearance and skin tone.


Lord God, help us to not judge others purely based on appearance. Help us to see people as You see people and to meet those around us in love, compassion and kindness.

Lord God I pray for all those being persecuted, harmed and killed by racism. I pray you would set people free and I pray for all those seeking justice. I pray lord that you would help us see how we are the same instead of how we are different.


I just FaceTimed Vivvy fair to say she wasn’t that impressed I started talking to her and she got up and went to bed! I did talk to mum and dad too by the way ! (Description: close up of Black Lab Vivvy looking directly at the camera there is a picture of my own camera feed on the top right) #isolation #FaceTime #FaceTimeTheDog #Family #Cute #BlackLab #BrownEyes #GuideDog #GuideDogsUk @guidedogsuk @leamdogcare #DogFix

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Disabled People Cut Off From Vital Supplies Due To Panic Buying — Same Difference

Disabled people are being left cut off from vital supplies due to the coronavirus pandemic, as charities warn of a rising number of calls from worried individuals who are struggling. It comes as Sainsbury’s said it would allocate specific hours for vulnerable and elderly patients to do their shopping and prioritise delivery slots for them. […]

Disabled People Cut Off From Vital Supplies Due To Panic Buying — Same Difference

This is going to be an increasing problem over the coming weeks I’m already seeing lots of people on social media who simply cant get food!

Crippen reveals a suspected DWP cover-up — Crippen Cartoons

The Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) has been accused of “a cover-up” after shredding around 50 reports into suicides that were linked to benefits being stopped. DWP officials have admitted that the files were shredded, but that this had been due to data protection laws stating that all data collected before 2015 should not […]

Crippen reveals a suspected DWP cover-up — Crippen Cartoons

Originally brought this to clean my Nintendo switch controllers and device when they get grubby but it’s coming in very handy. I just cleaned my laptop, wireless mouse, iPad, phone, TV remote and landline phone. It’s a great product from @game_uk you just turn off the device spray some of this stuff onto a lint free cloth and wipe. One bottle lasts a long time too… obviously I don’t know if @gameuk.official still have it in stock but would really recommend. Also worth noting it’s not alcohol based to make it safe for devices so it’s not clear to me from the label how effective it will be against COVID 19 BUT surely it’s better to at least reduce the numbers of bacteria. #CleanGadgets #AntiBacterial #GameUK #covid_19 (Image description: a close up of a spray bottle with a white label that reads: game wear essentials antibacterial spray)

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Been wearing my unicorn Hoody today and I love it I have been resisting the urge to walk around with my hood up! I don’t actually wear it very often because I really love it and you can’t buy them anymore and it’s basically white which is not a good colour for me to wear. (Image description: a selfie of me taken close-up I am wearing my hood up my hood has pointed ears and a unicorn horn ) #Unicorn #UnicornHoody #UnicornObsessed

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