JB A11y Solutions

JB A11y Solutions is run by Jemma who has a wide variety of skills and is able to offer customised solutions in many areas. Jemma Volunteers her time for free to assist churches, small not for profit organisations, charities and individuals.

The A11y part of our name is a niche reference to Jemma’s love of all things technology and social media!

When Twitter was first launched users were limited to 140 characters meaning individuals had to find new ways of communicating and condensing longer words. The term A11y was organically created to mean accessibility with the number 11 representing the eleven missing characters.

The abbreviation is still used today online and on Twitter (even though we now have more characters) Jemma chose to use the abbreviated term as recognition to the pioneers who have gone before her highlighting issues of accessibility and inclusion online.


Church Accessibility

Jemma has an interest in the theology of disability, mental illness, chronic illness and suffering. As such she volunteers her time in a number of ways to help out and advise churches locally and nationally. Jemma is incredibly passionate about breaking down barriers that prevent people from accessing church be that in person or online.

Accessibility Consultancy

Jemma is able to review policies and buildings to highlight potential accessibility issues and best practice. She has a wealth of experience, living with severe visual impairment, PTSD and several chronic health conditions gives her a unique and varied perspective. She is an outside the box thinker who prides herself on her ability to creatively problem solve.

Guest Lecturing and public speaking

Jemma is an experienced guest lecturer and is able to deliver tailor made solutions on a variety of subjects.

Jemma regularly visits local universities mainly working with medical students lecturing on spirituality and medicine units.

Jemma also lectures on topics unrelated to her faith and is able to speak on her experience as a disabled person.

Training Tailored To Your Needs

Jemma is also highly experienced in many areas of technology and social media. She is able to develop comprehensive social media plans that make managing your charity’s (or non profit’s) online presence easy! As part of this Jemma is able to provide training on all areas of social media best practice, search engine optimisation and advise on the accessibility of your content.

Aside from this Jemma volunteers her time to train adults with acquired vision loss to use technology to regain independence. Jemma is very experienced in this role and is able to advise on the best solutions to meet the needs of her client.

For more information please get in touch with Jemma using the links below.