NHS cogwheels: why should I have to grease them?

I have to share please read the whole thing this is the state this conservative government is allowing our NHS to fall into. 

A few bullet points from me:

  • In December I was ‘transferred’ from one CMHT to another in the same city and then was given no point of contact until my GP chased nearly 4 months later, now I have a psychiatrist but I’m on a waiting list for a care coordinator. 
  • My medications are prescribed (mostly) in 6 monthly batches meaning every month I pick up my prescriptions direct from the pharmacy and don’t have to go to the GP. Every 6 months at least one drug is left off this order… It’s time consuming for all involved to try and sort out what’s been missed off. 
  • I have on many occasions been asked by consultants to take in a printed off letter detailing a care plan to my GP as it will speed the process of communication up by a week or more… This is great and I don’t mind doing it but when this letter is about a critical change in medication you kind of think wow what would happen if I wasn’t able to do this? And what is so wrong with NHS communication!

There are oodles of definitions of person-centred, or patient-centred, care – sometimes it can feel like people/organisations reinvent what they mean by these terms every time they start a new project or initiative. I’ll tell you what I mean by it: That the person receiving the care is the main priority of staff and services. That […]



BBC NEWS | Health | System ‘failing autistic adults’

BBC NEWS | Health | System ‘failing autistic adults’.

It’s sad but a very true story that many people are struggling to live with autistic spectrum disorders they don’t know they have.

I personally have a friend who has recently found out that 10 years ago she was wrongly diognosed with Bipolar disorder and placed on a cocktail of drugs to ‘normalise’ her moods. This combination of drugs taken for so long has damaged her body to the point where she had to stop taking them (fully supported by a mental health team and her family).

Since coming off the medication she has been diagnosed as having Asperges and it is very unlikely she ever had Bipolar disorder!